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Treating Tinnitus with MeRT Neuromodulation

No one knows the disabling symptoms of tinnitus like those who suffer from this debilitating condition.

Symptoms of tinnitus can include:

Tinnitus generally occurs due to an insult to the auditory pathway, which can be organic or trauma-related, including infections, cancer, head and neck injuries, or exposure to loud sounds or volume. But tinnitus symptoms can often be neurological in nature, involving auditory regions of the brain, too.

Tinnitus can range from distracting to debilitating depending on symptom severity, and many individuals suffer undiagnosed for years.

Tinnitus is especially prevalent among members of the military and veterans, and it’s currently the number one disability among U.S. veterans
If you have a ringing in your ears or have been diagnosed with tinnitus, neuromodulation with the Center for Brain Care may be able to help.

How Cognitive Care by the Center for Brain Care Works


MeRT begins with a brainwave analysis to understand your unique brain biology and identify areas of the brain that are not functioning or communicating properly.


Our experienced clinicians use this proprietary evaluation to understand your biology and develop a personalized, targeted treatment plan to restore normal brain communication and optimize cognitive function.


Therapy takes place over a few weeks. The process is simple and gentle, non-invasive, non-surgical, and non-pharmaceutical, stimulating affected locations in the brain to improve function.

Neuromodulation for Tinnitus

Gentle neuromodulation with the Center for Brain Care can can help to resolve tinnitus symptoms and get you back to enjoying the things you love with simple and non-invasive treatment over the course of about a month.

Patients with tinnitus often demonstrate unique characteristics on EEG scans, including atypical brainwave frequencies that “drown out” others, and specific locations on the brain.
MeRT relies on a comprehensive EEG brain scan to guide your personalized therapy location and frequency to restore health function and help harmonize and balance brain wave frequencies.

Research has produced promising outcomes in reducing the symptoms of tinnitus, and Center for Brain Care patients love that treatment is so simple.

Because therapy at the Center for Brain care is personalized, your brain gets treated like only your brain needs. A majority of patients in one research study reported improvements in tinnitus, with an average 44% reduction in tinnitus symptoms and a 60% reduction in neurobehavioral symptoms following therapy.
Get in touch to learn how a personalized EEG and MeRT might be the right solution for you or your loved one.
Center for Brain Care’s MeRT is currently used off-label in the treatment of tinnitus.

What Our Patients Say

"I've suffered with chronic pain for many years. I've spent a lot of those years trying different procedures and methods of controlling my pain and had no luck. After working with Dr Tony Vanatesse he has helped me get my pain under control and given me my life back. ."
Tyler Noldon

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