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Neuromodulation for Autism

An autism spectrum disorder diagnosis can be overwhelming for parents and patients alike. What does this mean for your child’s future? What will their day-to-day routine look like?

Autism spectrum disorder manifests in a variety of symptoms, educational capabilities, and lifestyle factors.

Some children with ASD exhibit exceptional intelligence but struggle socially or with communication. Others may demonstrate obsessive or repetitive behaviors, while some will go through life undiagnosed due to mild manifestations.

Every child with ASD will have their own unique symptoms and approaches to navigating life, but research has shown that early intervention can help ameliorate symptoms and improve your child’s ability to learn and grow effectively. Neuromodulation with MeRT can help.

How Cognitive Care by the Center for Brain Care Works


MeRT begins with a brainwave analysis to understand your unique brain biology and identify areas of the brain that are not functioning or communicating properly.


Our experienced clinicians use this proprietary evaluation to understand your biology and develop a personalized, targeted treatment plan to restore normal brain communication and optimize cognitive function.


Therapy takes place over a few weeks. The process is simple and gentle, non-invasive, non-surgical, and non-pharmaceutical, stimulating affected locations in the brain to improve function.

Personalized Treatment for Autism with MeRT

Children and adults with autism demonstrate unique electrical patterns in the brain that can differ substantially from people with no autism diagnosis. An EEG can elucidate these subtle alterations, often including a reduction in dominant alpha waves and reduced frontal synchronization and cortical connectivity.

This is where personalized therapy with MeRT shines––we create a custom treatment plan for each autism patient based on findings from an initial EEG and comparison to our database of thousands of similar patients.
MeRT is non-invasive, gentle, and non-pharmaceutical therapy that can help improve brain function and harmonize brain wave frequencies to improve independence, learning abilities, and day-to-day function for those with autism. Benefits of neuromodulation in autism can include:

  • Improved mood, emotional stability, and ability to relax
  • Increased attention span and learning abilities
  • A greater ability to communicate, social awareness, and participation with others
  • Reduced anxiety, OCD, and depression symptoms

MeRT can be used in conjunction with all other autism therapies and may even help to augment response to other treatment approaches.
If you’re looking for a new approach to autism, gentle therapy with MeRT may be able to help. Contact us today for a free consultation and to find out if MeRT is right for you.
Center for Brain Care’s MeRT is currently used off-label in the treatment of autism.

What Our Patients Say

"I've suffered with chronic pain for many years. I've spent a lot of those years trying different procedures and methods of controlling my pain and had no luck. After working with Dr Tony Vanatesse he has helped me get my pain under control and given me my life back. ."
Tyler Noldon

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