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MeRT Neuromodulation for Migraines

Despite advances in treatment and new pharmacological pathways to treatment over the last few decades, migraine remains one of the most common and debilitating neurological conditions. Scientists’ understanding of the migraine process remains poorly understood, and many severe migraine sufferers find little relief from over-the-counter or prescription treatments.

Migraines with pain and migraines with auras can significantly disrupt daily life and work.

If you or a loved one deal with migraines, you’re familiar with the disappointment of realizing you’re in for another “migraine day.” Severe migraine sufferers can experience seven or more debilitating days of migraines monthly.

And, severe migraine sufferers frequently suffer from incidental depression and anxiety as a result.

If multiple migraine days each month are keeping you from the things you love, non-invasive neuromodulation by the Center for Brain Care may be able to help.

How Cognitive Care by the Center for Brain Care Works


MeRT begins with a brainwave analysis to understand your unique brain biology and identify areas of the brain that are not functioning or communicating properly.


Our experienced clinicians use this proprietary evaluation to understand your biology and develop a personalized, targeted treatment plan to restore normal brain communication and optimize cognitive function.


Therapy takes place over a few weeks. The process is simple and gentle, non-invasive, non-surgical, and non-pharmaceutical, stimulating affected locations in the brain to improve function.

How Nueromodulation with MeRT Improves Migraine Symptoms

Neuromodulation through MeRT seeks to restore normal function and balance to brainwaves through non-invasive, gentle application of brief magnetic pulses applied to the exterior of the head.

The neuromodulation process with MeRT is intended to modulate cortical excitability in those with migraines, a process exploited as a treatment for migraine with aura for many years.

Research has shown that transcranial magnetic pulses can block waves of cortical spreading depression, an experimental equivalent of migrainous aura, and more recent studies have shown transcranial magnetic neurostimulation can reduce migraine days for some users by as much as 50%. These profound effects are helping people like you live more comfortably and more freely.

MeRT is painless, quick, non-invasive, and is personalized to each patient. Center for Brain Care’s MeRT is cleared by the FDA for use in migraines with auras and off-label for migraine pain.

What Our Patients Say

"I've suffered with chronic pain for many years. I've spent a lot of those years trying different procedures and methods of controlling my pain and had no luck. After working with Dr Tony Vanatesse he has helped me get my pain under control and given me my life back. ."
Tyler Noldon

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